Mahler Ridge Farm

nice to meet you

I am Evangeline Mahler. In 2011, God blessed my husband and me with the opportunity to purchase a farm in Eltopia, WA. We had both grown up on farms and knew it was the lifestyle we wanted for our family. I love growing things and being out in nature. My husband loves raising animals and operating big machinery. Together we make a great team and now we have two little farm boys who bring joy and craziness to our life.


why flowers

I grow about 50 varieties of cut flowers in the small field in front of our house.  I love choosing the different colors and types of flowers for beautiful bouquets that are loaded with texture and scent.  Flowers have become a kind of "love language" for me.  They are the most beautiful way I know how to express encouragement, friendship and love.  Having flowers in my house is an invitation for me to see beauty and to praise God.   

mother + daughter partnership

My parents own Flatau Farm where they grow tree fruit for local farmer’s markets. My mom and I are always looking for ways that we can get more delicious fruit and beautiful flowers to people who will enjoy them, so we started the fruit and flower subscription in 2018. Mom provides the fruit and I provide the flowers!